How to Clean Hunter Boots

Bright Plum Hunter Boot Style

Bright Plum Hunter Boot Style via Pinterest

I love Hunter boots.  Love.  I wear them rain or shine.  I became obsessed with the Plum color when I saw lots of cute pictures of them on Pinterest.  Unfortunately this color is discontinued.  My only option to find a pair was Ebay.  I saved a “purple Hunter Boots” search and before long a pair appeared, in my size, in Bright Plum (my coveted color).  They were listed as new but they were covered in that white powdery coating (called bloom) which accumulates on Hunter Boots over time if not worn.  Gone was that gorgeous mirror finish.  I bit the bullet and with irrational confidence hit the “Buy it Now” button. They arrived and I went to work.  Happily for me, and my newfound plum boot obsession, it was super easy to get rid of the white haze and restore that beautiful shine.  In no time at all my new little Plum wellies were sparkling and looking like new.  In case you find yourself in a similar situation (you never know) I’m happy to share how to clean Hunter Boots quickly and easily!

It is easy to restore the shine on Hunter Boots.

It is easy to restore the shine on Hunter Boots.

You’ll need three things, olive oil a, microfiber cloth and elbow grease.  That is it.  Apply olive oil and buff in a circular motion with the microfiber cloth.  Begin with just a bit of oil to start with.  Polish until the oil is gone and the shine is restored (adding more oil if necessary).  My boots had something pretty sticky on them and so it too a bit of work to get that off.  But where the boots had just the white bloom it came of quite easily.  It is kind of amazing to see really.  The boots looked like they were stained & smudged beyond repair and in no time they looked brand new.

Bright Plum Hunter Boots

Bright Plum Hunter Boots via Pinterest

Hunter Boots hold up so well over time and with a little care you can keep them looking shiny and new.  I am not sure what my next color will be.  I can’t decide between a light blue or go totally opposite and do red.  Decisions, decisions.  I’ll keep adding to my Pinterest Hunter Boot Style board to help me decide.

Blue Hunter Boots

Blue Hunter Boots Via Pinterest

Red Hunter Boots

Red Hunter Boots via Pinterest

Love this closet idea to store them!

Hunter Boot Closet

Hunter Boot Closet via Pinterest