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La Fête du Muguet


La Fête du Muguet

In France La Fête du Muguet is celebrated on the first day in May.  What a lovely holiday…Lily of the Valley Day.  I love the romantic notion of giving loved ones small bouquets of lily of the valley.  Especially after the winter we have had the little sweet smelling bells are very much appreciated!  We have May Day…which is also about flowers and giving little posies.  Such a great idea.  Little floral gifts just when we need a boost.

Lily of the valley has always been one of my favorite flowers.  So fragrant with those adorable little bell tops.  They grew in abundance in my parent’s garden when I was growing up.  I made posy after posy of the tiny stems all the while imagining little fairies living among them.

Enjoy some other Lily of the Valley inspiration here on Pinterest!

Flower Love

pink and yellow tulips

I don’t know that I have talked about living in Europe for 4 years.  Well, now I am.  And I did.  It was from that experience in my early 20′s which changed forever the way I see life and living.  It was there I learned the European love affair with flowers.  This Flower Love has stayed with me since.  Flowers aren’t just something special you buy for your sweetheart on an anniversary they are part of everyday life.  You go to the market and pick up a baguette, cheese, wine and a bouquet of flowers.  It is just what is done.  I quickly became accustomed to a little bouquet on my table.  Keep in mind that these little posies were not grand affairs.  Usually a single type of flower in a little clear vase.  Simple perfection.

I am happy to report that my sweet husband shares my love of fresh flowers.  Each week he picks up a bouquet of tulips at the store.  Tulips have a special significance for us  When we moved into our first home just after we were married our realtor (and friend) left a vase with tulips on the kitchen counter welcoming us home.  The moment has stayed with us.  What a lovely thing to have that reminder each weekend from the love of my life.  I would miss not having those blooms on the kitchen table.  And the best part?  When the boys are with their Father at the store and he hasn’t picked them out yet, they remember and remind him.  How great that flower love is part of their world too.

tete et tete daffodils

A visitor stopped by the other day and remarked on the beauty of the tete et tete daffodils blooming in the dining room.  I put the little container in a glass candle holder surrounded by moss right where I can see it as I walk by.  The thing which struck me about her comments was the implication that somehow it was extravagant to have these little beauties. “But they don’t last long” and are “expensive”.  Actually, not so much.

The little container of tete et tete daffodils cost $3.99 at Trader Joe’s.  The have been blooming for a week and I think they will for another. So this is how I calculate it.  Those little yellow beauties will bring a smile to my face for two weeks at the bargain cost of $4.00…just $2.00 per week.

pink tulips

And the little vase of tulips on the bathroom sink?  One bunch of tulips ($6.99) fills 4 jars…enough for perching on bedside tables and the counter in the powder room. I can’t buy a latte for that and it certainly wouldn’t last as long or bring me as much joy.  Joie de Vivre.  It is about those little choices. (Oh, and the jar was in the dollar section at Target!)

Easter Grass

An update on my little field of grass from my previous Easter decorations post…it is growing and growing.  At first it was pretty sparse looking…I actually had to fill in with more grass seed.  But now I think I am on the right track and I’ll have a mini field ready for decorated eggs!

Easter Centerpiece and Decoration Ideas


I am ready to put an Easter centerpiece and decorations together.  Decorating for Easter is always fun for me…bunnies, lots of greenery and my cabbage bowls.  I know Easter is a month away but I can’t help but start on the road to easter decorating and the start is the Easter centerpiece for the diningroom table!

To kick it off I found these stunning Helleborus is a find from the grocery store.  I haven’t had much experience with these but it seems easy enough…shade, cooler temperatures and moist soil.  Sounds perfect for the diningroom.  The colors are perfect…pink and greeny-cream bi colored petals.  The red and white buds open to large, soft pink flowers which will eventually turn burgundy.  Best yet these are perennials and so if I can keep it alive long enough I’ll plant it outside.

On another front, I’ve started on a table decoration for the diningroom table for Easter.  I know it sounds early but I want to grow grass and that won’t happen overnight!

The plan is to plant grass in a long wooden trough and then insert flowering bulbs.  I’m also going to plant grass seed in little terra cotta pots for the kids table.  I am not sure what I’ll add at Easter…could be a little chocolate bunny a yellow furry chick or a decorated egg.  I’m waiting for that inspiration to strike.  But for now I know I want the base to be a mini Easter field.

First I layed out all the things I’ll need.

  • Wooden container ( found this trough at Home Goods a couple of years ago)
  • Mini Terra Cotta Pots and Saucers (I used 7)
  • Plastic to line the bottom
  • Miracle-Gro Potting Mix (I use Miracle Grow for containers, it has plant food in it)
  • Paper plates (to line the trough)
  • Grass Seed
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Large Bowl

First I put a layer of plastic grocery bags in the bottom of the wooden trough.  Next I cut paper plates to line the long openings.


The soil needed to be moistened and I so I mixed it in a bowl with water to make it soft and moist but not dripping wet.

soil preparation


That went into the trough over the paper plates. Next a layer of grass seed!


I used a fork to mix the seeds into the very top of the soil layer.


I misted the surface with water to get those little buggers moist.  Finally I moved the trough to a sunny windows to get the party started.  With luck, and watering, the mini lawn will be lush and green by Easter!