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Hermes Colliers de Chiens Table Inspiration

Colliers de Chiens Hermes Scarf ~ Nesting with Style

Anyone who knows me understands my great and enduring love for all things Hermes.  I’ve been collecting Hermes scarves since the love of my life gave me one on our honeymoon (a couple of decades ago now).  With that in mind I thought I would brighten the pre-spring table with some Hermes Colliers de Chiens Table Inspiration.  Colliers de Chiens is a new (er) Hermes scarf design which I am in love with.

Colliers de chiens Hermes ~ Nesting with Style

In my quest to add a bit of spring into my life one of the 5 steps (from this post) is to add some color to the dinner table.

wineWhat better starting point than one of my newest silks?  What makes this “Colliers de chiens” (AW 2013) 90 carre so extra fun (in addition to the riot of color) is that the design is dog collars.  Adorable.  I don’t even have a dog…almost makes me wish I did!  Almost.

Colliers de Chiens Hermes Scarf ~ Nesting with Style

The thing about having such a specific inspiration for a table (or outfit for that matter) is that it tends to pull together colors which I wouldn’t have necessarily thought of myself.  I let the masters at Hermes do it for me.  In this case the bright fuchsia along with slate blue and teal. There are so many colors in this scarf it would be easy to use any combination actually.  Fuchsia and yellow, red, slate blue, cobalt blue, teal (both light and dark), gold.  You name it.

Colliers de Chiens Hermes Table ~ Nesting with Style

I was drawn to both the fuchsia and slate blue and also the fuchsia and teal.  I began with a cocoa colored grasscloth place mat.  I wanted the colors to really stand out against a neutral base.  For the fuchsia and blue I started with a linen blue place mat.  My cream Wedgwood china goes with absolutely everything.  Then the punch of a bright fuchsia napkin.  I anchored it with a brown water goblet and a bright pink wine glass and in this case opted for the Be. Bright wine.  I find it impossible to resist a cute wine label.  And how uplifting is wine called “Be. Bright”?

Colliers de Chiens Hermes Table ~ Nesting with Style

I honestly wasn’t sure what exactly these napkins would go with when I purchased them but I use them all the time.  I don’t know how I lived without this fabulous color in my arsenal!  It must be calling to me because soon after I got the napkins the scarf ended up in my closet.  It isn’t exactly the Pantone color of 2014 “radient orchid” but it is somewhere on that spectrum.

Adding color to the table brightened up the mood around here.  It is positively amazing what a   few minutes thought and a fuschia napkin can do to life one’s spirits. And did you catch my obsession with colored glassware?  Yep.  Add it to the list!