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St. Patrick’s Day Gift Jar

St. Patrick's Gift Jar ~ Nesting with Style

I do like to give little gifts to those who are special in my life.  What a great opportunity to say a thank you to those who make life richer.  I’ve put together this St. Patrick’s Day gift jar (with a printable).  This year my leprechaun list will include my son’s crossing guard (always helping to guide him to school safely in the midst of what, this winter at least, resembles a NASCAR race).  Also a few others who could use some St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans about now.  Actually, the word shenanigans is one of my favorite parts of this holiday.  What a great word…especially for Mother’s with sons.  The shenanigans never stop with my boys….those little rascals.  Find the St. Patrick’s Day Gift Jar instructions (and printable below).

rainbow jar

I started with a Weck jar.  I found these at Sur la Table which would also work perfectly!! Next came the good stuff.  I wanted a mix of candy and fun little surprises all in gold.  Silly and delicious…leprechaun sized goodies. The gold glitter nail polish was a fun find!

St. Patrick's Day Gift Jar ~ Nesting with Style

The rainbow label for the top came next.  I wanted it to be the rainbow leading to the gold underneath.  I printed it, cut it out and attached it to the top of the jar with double stick tape.  I ran out of sticker paper which would have been even easier.

I am happy to share what I created.  The label is approximately 3″ round.  The link is below.  This is one of the first downloads that I have done.  That is a nice way of saying I have no idea how well it will work.  But I am giving it a try and fingers (and toes) are crossed hoping it all works out well.  If not send me an e-mail and I will get working on it.

Finished off with a flourish of ribbon and my leprechaun gifts are ready to roll.

rainbow label 3

St. Patrick’s Day Jar Label

St. Patrick’s Day Mini Pots o’ Gold


We love St. Patrick’s Day around here…after all, we live in Chicago where the river is dyed green each March 17th.  It won’t be long before the green day is upon us and the boys can’t wait.  They look forward to all the shenanagins assoicated with this mischief filled holiday.  And me?  I just love anything that involves the promise of gold and these St. Patrick’s Day Mini Pots O’ Gold certainly fill that bill!

I like to make these little pots o’ gold as we turn the calendar from February to March.


  • Small terra-cotta flower pots (I used 5″ pots without saucers)
  • Black paint (you can use craft paint although the posts soak up lots of it, I prefer paint made just for porous materials
  • Foam brush
  • Pack of multi colored pipe cleaners
  • Green Easter grass (saw it at Target already)
  • Package of Rolos chocolates (or gold wrapped Hershey’s kisses)

I think you can see from the photo how to proceed…but I’ll tell you anyway!

  1. Paint little flower pots black, let dry
  2. Stuff Easter grass inside
  3. Bend rainbow pipe cleaners into a U shape and insert into pot
  4. Fill with the leftover Rolos you didn’t eat while waiting for the paint to dry*

*I buy two bags just in case there aren’t enough left after my snack to fill the little pots.