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Sunny Petit Déjeuner

sunny petit déjeuner

I am not a big breakfast eater but I do like to have a little something to start the day!  I am trying to be mindful of using color around the house these dog days of winter (if there is such a thing) and so I took a minute (literally, one minute) to spice up the breakfast table.  Now keep in mind that I was eating alone…no one there to impress but myself.  But in reality we should do for ourselves what we gladly do for others.  If we think about it…which I often don’t. Except for this morning when striving to add color I inadvertently added some “taking care of me time”.

It was kind of amazing how enjoyable turning my breakfast into a petit déjeuner was.  I know the words mean the same thing, however pulling out a little wooden tray and a tangerine napkin turned the hum drum into something just a bit more special.  Suddenly the juice really needed to be in one of my favorite pink wine glasses.  And was it such a stretch to pull out a silver napkin ring?  All in all I think it took me seconds rather than minutes to arrange and yet it put a spring in my step all morning.  And I know it sounds crazy…but honsetly I think the yogurt, berries and granola tasted better than normal.