Sparkle, Glitter & Pizzazz


My Mother was a master at making memories.  Long before it was trendy or cool.  It wasn’t the big splashy parties where she excelled.  She was more of a come-as-you-are-and-bring-a-friend kind of gal. Her success was in the celebration of the everyday moments.  Eat on the good china was her mantra.  It didn’t occur to me right away, but most 11 year olds weren’t drinking their milk from 100 year old goblets.

It seems to me that in the lightning speed rush of days that connect to make up our life it is easy to miss that the very things we are doing today are what our memories are made of.  In a week, month, year will I remember what we did today?

Making our lives together sweetly memorable means creating moments in which those memories can be made.  We are great at holiday time and birthday time…but in between we let those precious moments pass us by.

So this is an ongoing process to highlight and explore all there is to know about adding sparkle, glitter and pizzazz to our lives everyday.  And to remember that each day offers an opportunity to celebrate and eat off the good china.

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